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Administrative Staff:
Brenda Davis, Founder/President
Michelle Gregg, Director
Stacy Keifer, Business Office Manager
Tracy Green, Buisness Office
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1011 Houston St.
PO Box 2725
Kilgore, Texas 75663

903.984.1941 voice
903.983.1130 fax

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The staff at Med-Rec Services has been in the business of offering ROI services to health care providers in Texas since 1993. We have customized services to meet the needs of each individual healthcare provider. MRS is a growing leader in the industry, and by reviewing this information, the choice will be easy! Med-Rec Services, Inc., Leading Texas health care providers in exceptionally tailored ROI services. ROI, that is our specialty, it is all we do, and we do it well!

CUSTOMIZED SERVICES: MRS tailors our services to the specific needs of your Health Information Management Department. MRS can provide scheduled service where we come in and strictly copy your records, or you can outsource the entire ROI process. Whatever your needs may be, MRS can provide those services, tailored specifically to meet your needs.

REFERENCES: MRS has compiled a growing list of very satisfied clients. Please ask us for a copy of our references, we will be more than happy to provide you with the list, and before long, we will be adding you to our professional references!

EXPERIENCE: The management team of MRS has 14 years of hands on experience in the ROI industry. We have experienced staff which will train all new employees to meet the expectations of our clients. We will train them and train them well!

TRAINING: We provide annual compliance training and quarterly on-site Quality Reviews to ensure that your procedures, MRS procedures, state and federal laws and HIPAA are being followed

PERSONNEL POLICIES: We pay above fair wages provide benefits and we are confident that our employees will be around for a very long time and provide you with the BEST of service. We have limited employee turnover.

FLEXIBILITY: MRS will adapt its procedures and systems to meet the HIM Departments needs.

FEES: MRS provides our own equipment such as copy machines, fax machines, paper, toner, envelopes. We handle all ROI requests and we do not have a limit of billable to non-billable requests. We only ask that the health care provider supplies the postage. This is how we justify the billable to non-billable requests. In extreme instances, an arrangement agreeable by MRS and the healthcare provider can be arranged.


Outsourcing your ROI gives you the access to specialists who focus on one task and know it backwards and forwards. When choosing MRS as your ROI Services provider, you shed a large amount of supervisory responsibility and acquire resources in staff, quality control and expertise.

MRS will become an extension of your staff; expanding your knowledge and helping you introduce innovations into patient record management. Because of working with many health care providers in different settings, MRS has developed a broad prospective on HIM’s challenges. Let our experience work for you and use us as a trusted advisor to help advance your HIM goals and initiatives.

Visit other helpful websites:

www.ahios.org , www.TxHIMA.org , www.AHIMA.org

Administrative Staff:
Brenda Davis, Founder/President
Michelle Gregg, Director
Stacy Keifer, Business Office Manager

Visit other helpful websites:

www.ahios.org , www.TxHIMA.org , www.AHIMA.org

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Medical Record Copying Service
P.O. Box 2725
Kilgore, Texas 75663
(903)984-1941 voice
(903)983-1130 fax